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Home automation

We can install a whole home automation system, to controll the lights, shades, your TV's and home theaters, air conditioners, heaters and more. This system is not so big and expensive today, but it will lower your electrical bills and will allow you to control your whole home from any mobile device.

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Security cameras

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Whole home audio and video

Call us to install the CCTV system and cover all the area around the house (and/or inside) with 24 hour a day 1080p video recording. You will be able to see whats happening from any computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world. We can also connect it to any TV in the house. 

Wired and wireless networks

If you have a blu-ray player, cable box, soundbar, apple tv or other devices connected to your tv - you will need to use a lot of remotes. And if your equipment is installed in the closet - they will not even work. Our universal remote will solve those problems and provide the system automation.

We can do the wiring and then install all your equipment in one place (typically basement or closet). You may have the speakers in each room and a lot of devices connected to them and your TV's, and you can control all of them from your phone or remote.  

(929) 238-35-13          info@avn-tech.com          New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

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(929) 238-35-13          info@avn-tech.com           New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Universal remotes with programming

Having trouble with Wi-Fi coverage? Almost everyone has, if the place is 2 bedroom or bigger. We can install 2-4 powerfull access points and it will eliminate any wi-fi problems or data rate decrease.  Also, we can install the Internet outlets where you need them.

TV installations

Our company was started from home theaters and we have over 15 years of expirience of their sales and installation. We can install any home theater for you, from simple soundbars to large cinema rooms for 20 people with acoustical tuning, soundproofing and High-End equipment.

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Home Theaters

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If you want to install a tv on the wall - just call us! We installed hundreds of TV's in NY, NJ and CT. We can mount a tv on a fixed, tilting or full-motion bracket on any wall and hide all the wires in it. We can connect any AV-equipment to your TV and put it in the closet, basement or in the furniture.