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Contact Us.

Phone: 929-238-35-13
Email: [email protected]
Work hours: 8AM-9PM,
Monday - Sunday.
2152 East 17th
Brooklyn, NY 11229

(929) 238-35-13          [email protected]           New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

We have showrooms where we can demonstrate the equipment, its sound, picture and functions. Call us to make an appointment.

 Step 1:  Tell us which service you need in a few words. We will ask you the questions to create a picture of your project.
 Step 2:  We will visit your place, if it's needed to create the equipment and services proposal for you.
 Step 3:  We'll send you the proposal by email and will be open to chenge it, until it's exactly what you like.
 Step 4:  If you accept the proposal, we'll deliver the equipment and install it. 

*For small jobs, steps 2 and 3 may not be necessary.

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