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URC TKP-7600 – In-Wall Color Touchscreen / Keypad
Lutron motorized shades
URC TRC-1280 Wand-Style Color Touchscreen Wi-Fi Handheld Remote
Lutron main repeater

Home automation

TKP-2000 In-wall Color Touchscreen / Keypad

What we use:

URC TRC 1080 Wi-Fi remote control

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URC tabletop touchscreen remote

And much more! 

Lutron Switches and Dimmers
Sonos products
Switchers, interfaces and other commutation products
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Home automation

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URC MRX 10 Controller

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Smart home is a pretty complicated system to install, so we need to visit the future job site, talk to you about what you want to control, where the equipment going to be placed and how we will run the wires. You will recieve the free estimate in 24 hours after the visit. Only in that way we can achieve a smooth operation and overall quality of our systems, that we are proud for. 


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URC MRX 10 Controller


Nest thermostat

It's not just a control, it's automation. And it's simple!

When we install the smart home systems, we are thinking about you in the first place. Those systems exsist to simplyfy your life. You may not know, whats happening in the equipment rack when you press the "Watch Cable" button in your home theater. Or when you changing the temperature, closing the shades from your phone or remote. The control system will do all of that for you.

It is not expensive anymore! 

Actually, the minimum neccesary equipment costs under
$1000! And we are using it in our mid to high level home theaters just to symplyfy the control of them. And it is expandable, so we can add the control for all of house systems like lights, shades, thermostats, multi room audio, video and more.

It is actually saving your money!

If you'll hire us to install the home control system, and it will include shade, lights or HVAC control, you will see how your fuel or electricity bills will decrease. It is simple - the control is always in your hand (remote, phone or control panel) so you can always see and switch off those systems, if there is no one in the room. Or use programmed scenes. So your house will use just enough energy for your family's comfort, not more.

What the smart home system from us can control:

  • All the TV's in the house with all of the boxes connected to them
  • All the home theaters, and it will be as simple, as Tv's
  • All the multi room audio and video systems
  • Nest thermostats, so all of your house's HVAC system
  • Shades and lights - the lighting system
  • Sonos - multi room audio
  • Switchers and other commutation - multi room video 
  • CCTV - can display all your cameras on any tv in the house
  • Door bell intercoms.

And all of them on a single app in your phone, remote or control panel!

Wiring for your smart home can be done at anytime. 

We can do the wiring during your renovation or construction, but if you need - we can run the wires to any device even after it's done. We will cut a minimum number of holes and will patch and paint them after wiring. Also, we know a lot about stable and reliable wireless technologies, so we can use them also.