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Home theater with onwall speakers and the equipment rack in the garage.


4 Megapixel camera in the garage, with access from anywhere in the world.

Luxul high power Wi-Fi access point in the closet, serves half of the house.

Rack in the closet with home theater and a wi-fi equipment.

One of 16 outdoor 4 megapixel cameras on the house with 24/7 recording.

TV onwall installation with all the wires hidden in the wall.

Nest thermostat installed and integrated into a whole home control system, 2016.

Inwall speakers in a large bathroom, connected to Sonos, smartphone control.

Klipsch TXH home theater in the basement for 16 persons.

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TV with Sonos home theater with equipment in the furniture.

TV over the fireplace with equipment in the closet and universal remote

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High power home theater in pre-gesigned basement room, with acoustical tuning.

Home theater with inwall speakers and motorized projection screen.

Rack in the basement for home theater, smart-home and whole home audio.

Monitor Audio Silver Top Hi-Fi home theater in the living room.