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URC MX-780 universal remote

Advanced remotes and smart home control systems are here.

URC MRF-350 RF to IR Base Station

This remote can control any tv or a home theater. It is more versatile and customizable by programmer, so we will programm it in the way which is best for your equipment. The remote and programming is included in price.

Classic URC remote with programming for just $399 !

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Universal remotes with programming

IR extender

What we use:

URC MXW-920 Outdoor/water resistant remote

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URC MX-780 universal remote

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This Logitech remote control set is the best for TV installations or small home theaters with hidden equipment. It will allow you to control the system from the remote itself or from any smartphone or tablet. The remote control set and programming is included in price.


Remote control and smartphone app with programming for just $249 !

Logitech Harmony Companion
Logitech Harmony Companion


Logitech Harmony Ultimate One

The more devices - the more you need a universal remote.

Universal remote is needed in any home intertainment system, which conteins more devices then just a tv and a cable box. Exampe: if you have the cable box, Apple TV and a Blu-ray player connected to your tv, you will need to use 3 remotes (cable box remote can control the tv). So, more devices - more remotes. And if you got a home theater - it is a nightmare to control it without universal remote.

Our remotes got automation.

It means that you can just press "Cable" button and you will watch your cable in a second. No need to turn your tv on, switch it to right input, turn on the cable box (turn on the receiver, switch the input, turn on projector, open the screen and more buttons in home theater). You can just press one button and get what you want.

We will pick the right remote for you.

We are selling and programming the remotes for 15 years. So we know which of them are best in any situation. If you call us, we will ask about the equipment placement and what you want to control, and after that we will tell you which remote is the best, and will send you the estimate.

Your equipment can be hidden.

In the closet, in the furniture, in the basement - anywhere in your house. Some remotes that we use got the RF transmittion option, which allows you to put the cable box, DVD or any other sources out of sight. You dont even need to point this remote on your TV.

Easiest to use programming.

Not only the remote is important, but the programming also. We are spending more of our time to make your remote easy to use for everyone in your house. So the most important functions will always be easy to find. And before we leave, you will know everything about how to operate your new remote.