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IR extender

What we use:

4K HDMI over CAT5 extender

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URC MX-780 universal remote
High speed 1080P and 4K cables

And 15 years of experience!

Apple TV 4
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If you hiring us to install the tv on the wall or to do any other job for you, you can ask for free Sonos soundbar demonstration. We always have it in the car, and we can connect it to your TV in minutes. We will demonstrate all of its features and sound, and if you like them and will want to keep the soundbar - you can purchase it. After that we will install it on the wall or will attach it to your tv.


Try Sonos Playbar for free!

Fixed bracket


Full-motion bracket

Free in-home consultation

Just call us or fill the form to the right, and one of our representatives will visit you in the time that is most comfortable to you. It will help us to make the estimate for you and it will help you to get best possible service, and the system with maximum functionality.

We will take care of all the details.

We will install the tv in the best place in your room to watch it. We also will recommend the size of the TV and the bracket type. We will find the best place for the cable box, game consoles or media players, that you want to connect to your TV. It may be the closet, basement, furnitures, a shelf under the tv or just behind the tv.

We will bring everything with us.

You can order the installation for the tv and other equipment that you already have, or we can bring them with us. We always have the different brackets for tv's, cables, and all the neccessary tools in the cars.

No visible wires.

Our technicians will do the wiring inside your walls. If there is no other option - they will cut the holes in the wall, and then patch and paint it, so your wall will look like it was before. 

Not just a tv installation. 

We can install multiple TV's in your house and put all the equipment in one rack in one place. That will simplyfy the use of your electronics, save space and will allow to add any source of video and audio, control system to any tv in the future. 

We will leave the place cleaner then it was.

We use plastic covers to protect the walls and floors from dust and scratches. We also will clean anything thats left on the floor during the installation process.