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Carpentry jobs

Handyman Services

Custom shelves building

What we do:

Electrical jobs

(929) 238-35-13

URC MX-780 universal remote
Plumbing jobs
Home appliances installation

And much more!

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(929) 238-35-13          [email protected]           New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

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Limited time offer. Please call us to get all the details. 


Patching, painting, furniture assembly and other small jobs for just $39/hour !

Logitech Harmony Companion
Patching, painting, wall and ceiling repairs


Furniture assembly

Our handyman team is waiting for your call!

Our professionals can handle any construction, remodeling or repair you may need, and actually can do a lot more than others, thanks to a great experience in AV integration. Here's a short list of services:

  • Patching, painting, wall and ceiling repairs,
  • Furniture assembly,
  • Custom shelves building,
  • Carpentry jobs,
  • Electrical jobs,
  • Plumbing jobs,
  • Home appliances installation,
  • Home entertainment systems repair and tuning,
  • Home theater and TV installations,
  • Smart home installations,
  • Universal remotes programming.
Our benefits:
  • Affordable pricing and discounts for multiple jobs,
  • Professional team with many years of experience,
  • Customer satisfaction policy - no unhappy clients,
  • No need in your tools - we are fully equipped,
  • We always show up on time.